I have purchased several of Renee’s Word Inspired Art as I am thrilled that I have found the perfect place to get very personalized gifts for any occasion. I believe giving a gift that comes from the heart with a very specific meaning for the person who is receiving it, is the best possible gift you can give. This gift stays with you and constantly reaffirms what life is all about. I had one personalized for the loss of a loved one as flowers were not what I wanted to give. I wanted to give something that had Power, Strength, Joy, and Love, as well as Hope, Light, and Love, and this very special gift had it all. I knew it would be there to lift her spirit in her darkest hours. These are the best possible gifts that I have found.

Thank you Renee for sharing your passion with others. Words really do make a difference…

Joan Darlene
Holistic Practitioner
Valencia, CA

I have purchased 2 of Renee's Word Inspired Art. I am a believer that words are such strong affirmations, so I bought one for my daughter and one for my kindergarten class. When my daughter age 6 received hers she was so excited. She loved it so much she slept with it that night. I hung the one I purchased for my class under my word wall at the student’s eye level! As they are learning to read they love going over to the word art to find the words they can read. When the children are reading them they are receiving such positive messages. I am so happy with my purchases.

Kindergarten Teacher
Eatonton, Georgia

What I love most about my Word Inspired Art from Renee is that it can turn an awful day into a blessed day. The inspirational words bring out feelings of happiness, gratitude, love, and appreciation. I recommend having one on your desk to remind you of all that is good in life.

Barbara White
Simi Valley, CA