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I wanted to create a space where my soul’s path is on display for the Universe to see…. a positive space where people can come and connect, reflect, rejoice and just be.  My soul’s path is continuing to unfold even as I write this, so I am excited for you to be a part of that process.  Please feel free to browse around my different pages.


~The Word Inspired Art that I create is meant to enlighten the soul with positive affirmations.  It is a unique and creative gift for yourself or someone else.  Each piece is infused with Reiki Energy, prayer and divinely guided.  The Word Inspired Art can be customized.  Check back frequently as I add new pieces all the time. 


~My journey features my blog and is reflective of how I am evolving through the process of coming home to myself.  Doing the work and coming home to one’s self is a beautiful experience…. an awakening of sorts that parallels nothing else.  I am hoping by sharing my journey through my poems and stories that others can find the hope and belief that they too can receive the abundance the Universe has in store for each of us.


~Coming soon I will have my first children’s book available for sale.  I am very excited about it and have others in mind as well.  I cannot wait to share it with you!


~Lastly, I am very excited about my flowers.  This aspect of my path is still in the budding stages.   I want to create bouquets based off of the flower’s meanings and create a more personal gift giving experience.  I will share more about this when the time comes.


As you can see, my path is in the process of awakening.  I do not know the direction or the outcome, but am living presently in this moment, trusting and allowing it to unfold as it may.  Thank you for being a part of the process.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.


Love and light always!


Renée Monique


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” ~Joseph Campbell








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